Two Sidewalk Advocates had over a dozen people accept info at the Duval Rd location, some looking for pregnancy help, some for other healthcare, and some wanting info to give a friend/family member!
A guy on a bike rode by and shouted “HER BODY HER CHOICE LADIES!” (Ironic). I replied “thanks for being a man and telling us.”
One woman who is an employee at a pain specialist office in the same complex said she sees us often and has gotten info before. She appreciates us being here and wanted more info for friends. 
A couple told me they wanted info about healthcare in the Temple/Killeen area and were glad they talked to me – right as a guy drove by yelling “leave those f’ing poor people alone!” – more irony, and just rude!  Sadly an angry woman (who had another woman in the passenger seat) told the other Sidewalk Advocate she did NOT want the information and “my abortion was great! Go foster some kids!” she shouted.  The SWA shared that she actually has fostered children, but the woman didn’t want to hear it and drove off.  

It’s a good reminder to us that abortion advocates don’t actually care that pro-life people help women and children. They just want to channel their anger toward us and divert away from their pain and the evil that is abortion.  This is why we continue to stand for true women’s rights, for families’ rights and for LIFE.