Fetal Development


Week 1 (Day 1)

At the moment of conception, when the sperm penetrates the egg, a new, unrepeatable human life is formed. This new tiny person differs from both children and adults only in size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependency, none of which makes him or her less valuable.


Week 3 (Day 21)

The heart begins to beat, uncertainly at first, but gaining strength day by day.1 The heart beats 70 times per minute at first, reaching a maximum of 170-190 at seven weeks, and slowing a bit to 160-180 at 9 weeks.2


Week 6 (Day 42)

The baby develops nerve connections that will lead to a sense of smell. The brain is now divided into three parts: one to experience emotion and understand language, one for hearing, and one for seeing. Joints begin to form.3


Week 14

Muscles become more developed. The baby’s eyes, mouth, nose, and ears are almost completely formed creating a well defined and beautiful face. She also has adult taste buds and can even savor.


Week 16

The baby has quadrupled in size by now. Fingernails and toenails are also present. She sleeps and wakes regularly and is about 6-8 in. long.


Week 20

The baby hears and can distinguish different voices. She also sleeps and dreams. Rhythmic music is calming and loud sounds excite her.


Week 30

Signs of personality also begin to shine through because the baby will move to the rhythm of the music it hears and will also show a preference for particular types of music. She can also see.


Week 38

The baby is ready for life outside the womb and may drop to a lower position in the womb, preparing for birth.    Visible evidence and science clearly show that as soon as the sperm and egg meet, a new human life comes into existence. Please take these pictures to heart. Abortion is not your only option. Abortion is not about “women’s rights” it is about the life of another innocent human being. It will kill your child and destroy the most intimate bond on earth: that between mother and child.



Loving options are available. You deserve better than abortion.

Our Pregnancy Resources page provides a list of pregnancy resource centers where you can learn about the loving alternatives to abortion.


Concerned about ethical vaccinations? 

Children of God for Life is an organization solely dedicated to researching vaccinations, their origins and the latest developments so that you and your family can make conscientious decisions when it comes to your child’s health and vaccines.