Confirm your Appointment with God

Let’s not forget that abortions still happen after 40 Days for Life is over. We challenge our prayer volunteers to make at least 2 God appointments on the sidewalk between now and the next campaign. Bring a prayer partner, or we can find you one. Some volunteers have even made it a point to keep a weekly appointment just like they would a weekly visit with a family member.  Let us know your availability!  Contact us today to confirm your Appointment with God on the sidewalk!


Does this strategy work?

Former abortion workers have reported that when people are peacefully praying outside an abortion facility, the no-show rate for abortion appointments can rise as high as 75%!  This is AMAZING testament to our efforts by the grace of God!


How do I know if this is for me?

The first feeling you may have when thinking about praying outside an abortion facility is fear. That is normal, because it means you recognize the reality of the horror of what is happeneing beyond those walls of the abortion facility.  It can also mean God is calling you beyond yourself to help the least of His brethren. Like most new things, you learn to do it and it becomes second nature, but with Sidewalk ministry the importance and impact are lifesaving!


How do I start?

Just ask!  We will gladly have someone meet you on the sidewalk to pray with you.  We will have you sign a Statement of Peace to ensure you understand our approach.  Email us at