Parking: 1823 E. 7th St

 (East Austin, E. 7th St: Planned Parenthood)

This satellite facility (which refers for abortions) is located on the corner of E. 7th St & Chicon St 



 Parking is in the parking lot on 1917 E. 7th St.  Walk straight to the sidewalk.


Where to Pray


The public right of way includes the grass and the sidewalk between the pavement/parking lot and the street. Stand in the grass.


Love Thy Neighbor


Please respect our neighbors and park only in the locations designated above.

As peaceful and law-abiding volunteers:


  • We park only in the areas designated above
  • We stand and pray only in the areas designated above
  • We do not cross the line onto private property
  • We do not block the driveways or entrances to the facility
  • We obey all posted city parking signs



    Ready to make an appointment with God?


    Contact our office via phone or email ( to discuss our guidelines including our Statement of Peace, and to make an appointment with God on the sidewalk with a prayer partner.