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Lying to try to deter us


May 29th, 2021
by Coalition for Life

When Katie & Linda prayed at Duval Rd, they noticed quite a few abortion staff cars (including the abortionist) as well as abortion clients driving to the back.  Oddly, one of the midwives of the birthing center (located on the first floor below the abortion facility) tried to get our volunteers to leave by lying to them – telling them that all the cars belonged to the birthing center staff, not the abortion facility.  
I laughed when the ladies told me this – how ridiculous!!  They really think we’re dumb!  The midwife reiterated it, adding that the abortion facility was closed because the staff were all downtown for the pro-abortion rally.  Nice try, lady!  Just more affirmation that we’re affecting their business.  




Aggie Catholic Blog

April 11th, 2011

by Marcel LeJeune

“One thing we know how to do here in College Station, TX is train pro-lifers. The Coalition for Life is now a model for community organizations in the pro-life movement. 40 Days For Life started here. We have Aggies throughout the nation leading pro-life movements. With this kind of success and history, when one of our Former Students, Heather Gardner, recently…” (continue reading here)