From Beth: A couple parked in the lot next door to the abortion referral facility and walked past us on the sidewalk.  Maureen reached out and told them that there are free pregnancy services.  The woman looked surprised and said “Free?” and Maureen smiled and nodded, “yes!”

So the woman walked inside to cancel her appt there.  She walked back outside and said to Maureen, “it is good!” went to her car with the materials Maureen gave her and left!!

A few moments later a woman coming out of the abortion referral facility stopped in the driveway on her way out and accepted information.  She asked, “is this for if you’re pregnant and want to keep your baby?” and the Sidewalk Advocate said “yes!”  She responded, “oh good, thank you!” and she drove off.  We don’t know what her appt was for there, but glad she accepted info and hope she goes to a pregnancy center!

God is GOOD!