Connie and Elizabeth, who pray and sidewalk counsel throughout the year, waved at a woman driving in.  She smiled and stopped, rolled down her window and spoke with Connie.  She said she was looking for a pregnancy test. They showed her the pregnancy brochure that lists nearby help centers where she could get a free pregnancy test (as well as other services), so she accepted information, did a u-turn in the parking lot, waved at them on her way out and left to go to a pregnancy center!

[Abortion industry workers are trained to sell the product of abortion.  It’s why abortion facilities have quotas ( for the number of abortions they sell per month.  Now that unborn children are legally protected in the state of TX, efforts to get women across state lines have skyrocketed.  It’s unlikely, even now, that abortion industry workers will counsel women on the local life-affirming help that is available to them.  THIS is why we are still present on the streets!]

The abortion referral workers must have seen this because one came out to the parking lot and put the sandwich board back up that says “Ignore Protestors please.” What a great sign that our peaceful presence and outreach is effective!!