Parking: 201 E. Ben White Blvd., Austin

E. Ben White BLVD: Planned Parenthood

(see most recent health inspection available here, which failed including unsanitary environment:

This particular Planned Parenthood facility is the abortion center for Austin (there are other Planned Parenthood facilities, but they do not commit abortions). It is just east of Congress on Ben White/HW 290. Headed east on the feeder, you will pass a Wendy’s and a Capitol Credit Union. Planned Parenthood is the next building.




Behind the Wendy’s is a wooden fence. Vehicles can park along that back fence without being towed. If there are no available spaces there, the Salvation Army a block south on Congress Ave. has a lot in which to park.  Do NOT park in front of Wendy’s or in front or behind the Capitol Credit Union.


Where to Pray


The public right-of-way includes the grassy area and the sidewalk from the telephone pole to the street.  Their property line is marked by the telephone pole on the very right corner of the property. Standing directly next to their stone wall would be crossing onto their property; please do NOT stand directly next to their stone wall.  Standing right up next to the driveway is only for trained Sidewalk Counselors to ensure the women to whom they reach out can talk with them and not feel bombarded by multiple people.


Love Thy Neighbor


The homes and businesses surrounding the abortion facilities (and the facility grounds themselves) are private property. Please respect our neighbors and park only in the locations designated above.

As peaceful and law-abiding volunteers:

  • We park only in the areas designated above
  • We stand and pray only in the areas designated above
  • We do not cross the line onto private property
  • We do not block the driveways, entrances to the facility, or the sidewalks
  • We obey all posted city parking signs

Ready to make an appointment with God?


Contact our office via phone or email ( to discuss our guidelines including our Statement of Peace, and to make an appointment with God on the sidewalk with a prayer partner.