The Awe and Wonder of LIFE

Grab your friends, a date or make it a fun family night!! We’re celebrating LIFE and taking steps forward to continue to build a culture of life and love with SPECIAL GUEST magician Giancarlo Bernini!

As seen on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, CBS and Good Morning Texas, Giancarlo has astounded international audiences with an incredible illusion show experience and will amaze you with his Christ-centered message throughout the show!

Heavy hors d’oeurves and refreshments will be served. Enjoy food, fellowship, fun, and an opportunity to give financially to further our mission!

Coffee with the Coalition

Mondays 8am: Coffee with the Coalition is a virtual discussion (weekly on Mondays 8am CT) on pro-life apologetics, what’s going on in our community concerning outreach, prayer on the sidewalks, and help available for families in need. This is your opportunity as a Coalition for Life member/supporter to ask questions. Grab your cup of coffee and join the virtual chat!

Hosted by our Executive Director Heather Gardner. Email for more info. Click the image to view some of the recorded discussions. –>