Parking: 1902 South I-35, Austin


South I-35: Austin Women’s Health

(see routine failed health inspections here: )

“Austin Women’s Health” (a.k.a “Brookside Women’s Medical Center”) is located on the southbound side of I-35 between Woodland Ave. and Oltorf.  Headed south on I-35, exit Woodland and stay headed south on the feeder. After a stop light is an apartment complex. The abortion facility is on the right just after the apartments (there is no sign labeling the building except a sign near the sidewalk in the rose bushes that has “1902”).



Volunteers can park on Mariposa Dr. on the LEFT (south) side of the street, a public street just south of the abortion facility past a convenience store.  Do NOT park at any nearby businesses or complexes, or you will be towed.

Where to Pray


The public right of way includes the grassy area/rose bushes and sidewalk between the street and the property line of the abortion facility. The property line is marked by the iron/wooden fence.


Love Thy Neighbor


The homes and businesses surrounding the abortion facilities (and the facility grounds themselves) are private property. Please respect our neighbors and park only in the locations designated above.


As peaceful and law-abiding volunteers:


  • We park only in the areas designated above
  • We stand and pray only in the areas designated above
  • We do not cross the line onto private property
  • We do not block the driveways, entrances to the facility, or the sidewalks
  • We obey all posted city parking signs


Ready to make an appointment with God?


Contact our office via phone or email ( to discuss our guidelines including our Statement of Peace, and to make an appointment with God on the sidewalk with a prayer partner.