What is Sidewalk Counseling?

Sidewalk Counselors are trained volunteers present on the sidewalk in front of the abortion facility educating women about their choices. Sidewalk Counselors help potential abortion customers find better health care alternatives and serve to protect the pre-born child and the woman from abortion.

*We are proud to partner with
and be a location for the
national Sidewalk Advocates for Life.   

Does this strategy work?

Numerous former abortion providers, such as Abby Johnson and Sue Thayer, call peaceful Sidewalk Counseling the most effective method for saving lives and ending abortion. Locally, Sidewalk Counselors have witnessed over 250 women leave the abortion facility and choose life and 9 abortion workers have conversions and QUIT due to their efforts and the presence of the prayer volunteers.

How do I know if this is for me?

The first feeling you may have when considering becoming a Sidewalk Counselor is fear. That is normal, because becoming a Sidewalk Counselor means God is calling you beyond yourself to help the least of His brethren. Like most new things, you learn to do it and it becomes second nature, but with Sidewalk Counseling the importance and impact are lifesaving!

How do I start?

All Sidewalk Counselors are trained by veteran Coalition for Life Sidewalk Counselors who have counseled for years and approached hundreds of women entering abortion facilities. They will guide you every step of the way.

Be not afraid and take a step to help save lives from abortion and attend the next Sidewalk Counselor informational session to learn more about how Christ can use you to save lives!

(If you are interested in bringing a training to your city, visit our Trainings abroad page).

Email us at info@CentralTexasCoalition.com to inquire about upcoming trainings!