BABIES SAVED (that we know of)




The Central Texas Coalition for Life is a grassroots community-based organization that draws attention to the injustice of abortion through prayer and fasting, community outreach & education, and peaceful prayer vigils on the public right-of-ways in front of abortion facilities in Austin, Texas.

We network with numerous pregnancy centers, community healthcare clinics, medical professionals and other resources to help women and their families find real, life-affirming alternatives to abortion.

We connect women and men with abortions in their past to resources for hope and healing. We direct anyone working in the abortion industry to resources to help and encourage them to leave.  The Central Texas Coalition for Life is the bridge from the abortion/abortion referral facilities to these community resources.


The heaviest presence on the sidewalk is during our 40 Days for Life campaigns which consist of hundreds of volunteers from across central Texas praying for 40 consecutive days in front of the local abortion facilities. These campaigns occur twice a year – once during the spring and once during the fall.  As many as 600 local volunteers participate during the campaigns.   Most volunteers sign up simply to pray for one hour a week in front of a local abortion facility.  Some attend  Sidewalk Advocate trainings to learn how to effectively reach out to women at the abortion facilities to offer them alternatives and educate them about fetal development, abortion, and all their options.  Sidewalk Advocates are the voice for the voiceless.  Our Sidewalk Advocate training is sought out by other pro-life groups across the country; occasionally we offer our training in other cities to help them get their own sidewalk ministry started.

Not only are we there for the women, men, and babies, but we offer help to abortion workers too.  Many former abortion workers have left the industry and had conversions to the side of life.  With their witness and willingness to help, we have more insight into the abortion industry.

We visit as many as 15 churches on any given weekend to promote, encourage, educate and recruit people of faith to join us.  Over 100 churches are represented on the sidewalks.  We seek to keep a close relationship with other pro-life organizations to work together and build a culture of life.  With our unique perspective, we are also able to provide trainings to pregnancy center counselors/advocates to better equip them, to affirm their ministries, and to build relationships.

Since 2009 we have witnessed hundreds of women (that we know of) choose life for babies scheduled to be aborted (at least four women were pregnant with twins)!  Pregnancy centers report a significant increase in clientele when our efforts are more concentrated on the sidewalks. We have given information to thousands of men and women about healthcare alternatives.  At least twelve abortion workers have had conversions and quit their jobs.  Hundreds of women have been connected to post-abortion healing ministries, including several of our own volunteers.  We are seeing abortion end before our very eyes and we are excited for what God has in store!

Recent Blog Posts


From Beth: A couple parked in the lot next door to the abortion referral facility and walked past us on the sidewalk.  Maureen reached out and told them that there are free pregnancy services.  The woman looked surprised and said “Free?” and Maureen smiled and nodded,...

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Looking for a pregnancy test

Mica reports: "I spoke to a woman, ("H"), who told me she thought she might be pregnant but was not sure and was at the (abortion referral facility) to receive a pregnancy test. I showed her our brochure and pointed to a free/reduced cost pro-life women's clinic and...

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U-turn to a life-affirming resource

Connie and Elizabeth, who pray and sidewalk counsel throughout the year, waved at a woman driving in.  She smiled and stopped, rolled down her window and spoke with Connie.  She said she was looking for a pregnancy test. They showed her the pregnancy brochure that...

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Sonogram seekers

Katie and Dolores were praying at the abortion referral facility on 7th St in East Austin and noticed several men going into the building, likely for STD testing.  A couple soon drove in, noticed Katie and Dolores and their sign that said "Ask Me about free pregnancy...

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Toddler’s behavioral problems!

From Heather: As I was praying on a Friday morning at the Research BLVD abortion referral facility, the second week of our 40 Days for Life vigil, a man pulled up to the driveway from the parking lot, rolled down his window and asked me what I was doing standing...

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Two couples seeking sonograms leave

On Day 2 of our 40 Days for Life Fall 2022 vigil, three Sidewalk Advocates Connie, Elizabeth and Mica were praying at the South I-35 location and had several conversations with potential patients of the abortion referral facility.  Connie called a Spanish speaking...

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