On Day 2 of our 40 Days for Life Fall 2022 vigil, three Sidewalk Advocates Connie, Elizabeth and Mica were praying at the South I-35 location and had several conversations with potential patients of the abortion referral facility.  Connie called a Spanish speaking couple over towards her.  Mica was able to communicate a little that there were other options for them, and pointed to the TruCare Women’s Clinic on the Spanish  pregnancy brochure. He asked Mica if they needed an appointment to be seen there; she told him typically they did not, and asked him if his girlfriend or wife was pregnant. He said she was, so Mica immediately called TruCare and the nurse was able to speak in Spanish with them.

While he was on the phone with TruCare, an abortion worker came outside and stood at the top of the porch and yelled down to the clients trying to wave them inside.  A friend who came with the clients went over and spoke to the worker for a bit and then came back and spoke to the pregnant girlfriend. It seemed like the worker was telling the friend that the couple needed to go inside.  THANKFULLY they stayed outside with the Sidewalk Advocates and soon left to go to TruCare!

Another potential patient of the abortion referral facility walked over to the Sidewalk Advocates and angrily asked why they had to give other healthcare options when this facility “gave so many options.”  She proceeded to claim that Texas has taken away many options for women to get real help and that this facility “actually helped people.”  She continued yelling while she walked upstairs.  Had she stayed to talk, perhaps she would have been surprised to find out that this facility she’s defending has failed multiple health inspections  failed multiple health inspections over the years including  “improperly sterilized instruments,” and “tears in the exam tables where bacteria can harbor.”  She also may have been surprised to know that Texas has allotted an additional $100 million for women’s healthcare and provided programs such as the Healthy Texas Women’s Healthy Texas Women program which hundreds of clinics and offices across the state accept.

When Mica spoke to the receptionist later at TruCare, she told her that the man was very grateful for the volunteers on the sidewalk and wanted to tell them ‘thank you!!’  He was smiling really big and told Mica thank you before they left.

About an hour later another couple drove into the lot and walked over to talk with Mica.  The girlfriend had already taken two pregnancy tests which were both positive and they wanted to confirm her pregnancy with a blood test.  Mica let them know that the facility used to perform abortions and were going to charge them quite a bit (~$70 for a blood pregnancy test and $100 or more for a sonogram). Mica asked if they were thinking of keeping the baby and stressed that there were other places that would help.

The man made a surprised face as if he was shocked to hear that they were at a former abortion facility (current abortion referral facility). He replied that they of course wanted to keep the baby.  Mica pointed to TruCare’s number on the pamphlet, and he called them. He was on the phone with them for a few minutes and then he told Mica “thank you.”  He said they were going to Trucare! They got in their car and left!

Praise the Lord for working through these faithful advocates to get couples to find life-affirming help!