Parking: 4100 Duval Rd, Austin

 (north Austin, Duval Rd: Whole Woman’s Health

 (see routine failed health inspections here: )

This facility is located in a medical complex in Building 2 Suite 201 at 4100 Duval Rd, just half a mile west of Mopac; formerly located at 8401 N. I-35;  




Parking is available on “Mohican Dr” which is on the other side of the railroad tracks across the street (eastbound on Duval Rd).  You will need to cross Duval Rd to get to the vigil site (**PLEASE be careful crossing the street).  You may also park in the neighborhood on Aspendale Dr (east of WWH) Do NOT park on Whispering Valley Dr. Do NOT block any mailboxes, bike lanes or driveways.


Where to Pray


The public right of way is from the end of the asphault parking spaces to the road.  We pray in the dirt area where the cactus plants are (recently planted to deter us – what a great affirmation!). Standing right up next to the driveway is only for trained Sidewalk Counselors to ensure the women and individuals to whom they reach out can talk with them and not feel bombarded by multiple people. Please do not block the sidewalk. 


Love Thy Neighbor


The homes surrounding the area are private property. Please respect our neighbors and park only in the locations designated above.

As peaceful and law-abiding volunteers:


  • We park only in the areas designated above
  • We stand and pray only in the areas designated above
  • We do not cross the line onto private property
  • We do not block the driveways or entrances to the facility
  • We obey all posted city parking signs



    Ready to make an appointment with God?


    Contact our office via phone or email ( to discuss our guidelines including our Statement of Peace, and to make an appointment with God on the sidewalk with a prayer partner.