From our North Site Coordinator, Katrina:
Happy TGIF! A little rain won’t keep us from praying at the sidewalk! Thank God we were here as had a very fruitful discussion with a self proclaimed “pro-choicer.” As we were praying, “J” pulled up, parked & came up to us and said “May I ask you a question, are y’all ‘Pro-Lifers?” She proceeded to say that she has driven by & seen all of us praying for two years now & wondered what our intentions were. I introduced us and explained why we were here, what our mission was, and most importantly what it meant to be ‘Pro-Life!’ I also asked what she meant by calling herself “Pro-Choice?”
Thanks be to God we had a very fruitful conversation. She was receptive to all the information we shared & even said she would consider watching “Unplanned!” I told her that we had many women who have had abortions out here praying & that we offered life-affirming options, as well as post abortive healing information [found at].
We also shared She mentioned several times that she did not expect the conversation to go this way & glad that we were able to have open dialogue. “J” said she has a newfound respect for us & what we are doing. God willing a seed was planted & she will truly think about all that we were blessed to share with her today, standing on the sidewalk in the rain. ☔️
Please continue to pray for “J”. 🙏😀🙌🏽