Mica joined three dedicated prayer volunteers (Beth, Dennis and Barbara) early one morning on the sidewalk.  A woman stopped at the driveway to talk with her on her way in.  She was there for an ultrasound, but Mica was able to convince her to get one at a pregnancy center instead.  The young woman told Mica that she wanted her to go to the TruCare Pregnancy Center with her, so Mica met her there and sat in the waiting room, praying for her.  A nurse from TruCare told Mica, “it’s so good you were there, God was all over this one.” “WOW! I had chills,” Mica said.

The young mom scheduled a follow up appointment with them.   She and Mica went to brunch nearby. “To my surprise it had a mural of Our Lady of Guadalupe painted right on the side of the building where I parked,” Mica said. 😭 The young mom told her she was grateful for the prayer volunteers being there that she was so glad that they met. She said she was scared at first when she found out she was pregnant but now she feels happy and like she wants to keep her baby. 🥰She also said she was surprised about how many resources were out there to help her!  She has family in town that want to support her with the baby.  “Please continue prayers for her!” requested Mica.