From Mica: I was praying outside Planned Parenthood when a man drove in and pulled over to the side. He asked me what we were doing there. I explained that we were there to pray for an end to abortion. He told me that he had twice saved a baby from being aborted. The first story he told was when his girlfriend got pregnant and took him with her to get an abortion. He did not know what they were doing at first, but when he learned that she wanted an abortion he told her he did not support that decision and he walked out- which caused her to leave as well! I think this is a testament to the importance and need for good men to join this cause!

The second story is really beautiful. He told me that years ago he and his wife were praying that God would bless them with a little girl. They had 5 children and really wanted another. His wife became pregnant but when she went in for her doctor’s appointment, the nurse told her that her baby would be severely deformed and she should abort her baby. The nurse said that she would spend so much time taking care of her child that it would be too burdensome. This man, her husband, told her that they would not be aborting the child they had prayed so long for! She gave birth to a baby girl who was in great health. His daughter is now 18 years old and is in college and top of her ROTC class! He told us she was born on September 8th, which is celebrated in liturgical churches as Mary’s birthday!

So many of these conversations can be had when we show up to pray! Please, invite your friends!