It had been a very busy day for us both with many volunteers coming for their prayer hour and, sadly, for the abortion facility.  Mica and I talked with several people, almost non-stop, within a couple of hours.

A woman stopped at the driveway and told me she was there for a pregnancy test.  I let her know that the abortion facility was making people wait 2-4 hours before seeing them, even for a pregnancy test (several abortion facility clients had told us that over the previous weeks).  I told her she could go spend $100 here and wait, or she could go just a few minutes away and be seen right away for a FREE pregnancy test and schedule a free sonogram as well.  I shared that the ladies and the nurse at the nearby pregnancy center were happy to serve and assess her needs.

She was delighted to receive the info.  I called the center to give them a heads up and they were glad to know she was on the way.  The woman smiled, thanked us, turned around and drove right back out!!