I just talked with a young woman who said that she has no other option but to abort, that doctors and family have convinced her she will die if she doesn’t go through with this. However no doctor has diagnosed her with anything specific. She has lost weight and thinks she’ll die if she stays pregnant.
She has a daughter and says she needs to be there for her family. I of course offered info about a specialist, that a second opinion from someone who deals with high risk pregnancies can help, that technology is so advanced there’s never a reason to have to abort. She claimed she didn’t have the money, not even to pay for the abortion but she’s doing it anyway.
She said she knows why we’re here, she’s a Christian too and has prayed a lot about this. I tried to share that God would never want her to have her child’s life ended and that there is financial help available, even the doctors will work on a sliding scale fee.
She wouldn’t listen anymore and said she just needed to go inside. Please pray. Today was her consultation day. How sad that she’s rationalized this tragedy so much. But Christ calls us to be faithful! Maybe she will change her mind after today. Holy Spirit come!