Forrest comes to pray on the sidewalk once a month with 2 friends from the La Grange area. This month while he was praying, a young woman drove into the driveway to talk with them – mainly to let them know that their presence was intimidating.  Forrest assured her that they have no intention of intimidating anyone, rather they come there to pray for expectant mothers and their babies.  She then challenged him about other social issues such as homelessness and claimed they should be focusing their time on that.

Forrest replied by saying that certainly there are many important issues in our society, and that this is most definitely one of the most important as lives are being taken and scarred every day.  Naturally she then asked about hard cases.  Forrest gracefully replied that every life has value and is worth protecting, even (and especially) those unborn babies who are conceived in horrible circumstances.  She admitted that she had an abortion 2 years ago and was very defensive about it.  Forrest explained that with the reasons she expressed there is help available so that mothers don’t feel like they have to choose between their baby and their career/education/finances etc.  He even named a few local resources he was aware of.

Forrest’s calm and patient replies show that he was sincerely concerned and took time to listen to her.  What a great witness for Christ!