Earlier this month the abortion advocates from one of the buildings in the same complex as the Whole Woman’s Health abortion facility attempted another tactic to try (key word: try) to deter us from being on the sidewalk.  They ripped up the grassy area on the public right-of-way where we stand and planted over a dozen cactus and a few large spiky plants including agaves. In fact, they spent over $4,500 on the new landscaping.

HA!!  This is a great affirmation for us!  Why – why on earth do they keep trying to prevent us from standing peacefully on the public right-of-way?  Because we’re effective.  The abortion business decreases when people are peacefully praying and reaching out with life-affirming resources.  Below are some of the immediate responses from amazing volunteers:

“What I love most about this is I, being a stay at home mom, never thought I’d get to experience the ridicule, abuse, and hate that Paul and the other apostles experienced. Paul considered it joy to be counted worthy to suffer in Christ Jesus. I know these plants, ugly honks, and words are a drop in the bucket to what most Christians in this world have faced, but for me I consider it joy. Every time one of those plants pokes me I’ll think of that and smile.” ~Lauren B.

“The abortion facility where I and my church pray and advocate for women and babies is planting agave and cactus where we stand and peacefully pray. This is really affirming and showing that God is moving on the sidewalk. Abortion facilities normally do this when they start to lose money and clients. Can I get an amen! ”

“I can pray in front of cactus! I love Heather Gardner and her leadership with Central Texas Coalition for Life. Her sidewalk counselors peacefully pray in front of abortion facilities. The abortion facility on Duval has decided to plant cactus in the public right of way in hopes of discouraging the sidewalk counselors. It won’t work.  Sidewalk counselors aim to use the power of prayer and Gods peaceful love to save the lives babies and their mommas. That’s a powerful goal. There is no amount of cactus that will stop them from saving innocent lives. Texans love cactus. Texans love babies. There’s no stopping a sidewalk counselor.“  ~Monica C

“Our peaceful praying in front of an abortion clinic this morning with an amazing Lady, Heather (Executive Director of Coalition for Life). The clinic is planting cactus where we normally stand to pray and provide other options for mothers. It just makes us more determined to pray for others. I told Heather that if Jesus could take thorns to his head, we can take cactus needles to our feet. 😋” ~Rick G

“This is where my daughter and I pray! It’s interesting how much peaceful prayer bothers them” ~Janet K

“This is where the boys and I have been praying. Apparently, we have been so effective that they are planting cactus where we stand and pray. 😂😂 Yall are gonna have to do better than that!!!🌵🌵” ~Laura S