OH MY GOSH!! Y’all I have a miracle story to share!!!
Often we come in contact with pregnant women determined to abort and leave not knowing what they decided….About 3 weeks ago I posted about one woman, “V”, whom I spoke with on the phone. Even after going over pros and cons of continuing her pregnancy she “didn’t feel abortion was right” but didn’t feel she could go on with a baby and still achieve her goals. Plus, she did NOT want to have a baby if the father of the baby wasn’t going to support her. She felt so alone and depressed.
I gave her my personal number and told her to call me day or night, that she was not alone and in fact she had a community of support, we could help her. She told me she’d think about it and may even go to the nearest pregnancy center to talk about it…but she didn’t end up going the next day like she said she would.
Well, I am SO THRILLED (typing this through tears) to tell you that she just called me. She told me she thought a lot about our conversation, and then she went and did some research on the abortion procedure. She said she just couldn’t do that to her child, and she is KEEPING HER BABY!!! She was so appreciative of the offer of help and support and is ready to go to the pregnancy center now to get materials and take classes. She said she was surprised that her family is even being supportive of her now. Will you pray for her, her baby and her extended family? Thank you, JESUS!!!!!!