A woman came to a local pregnancy center looking for help – she was pregnant and in a difficult situation.  When asked how she heard about the center, she said “there was this guy on a bike…” that was enough for Brittany, the director, to know exactly who she was talking about, and she called Heather to tell her about it.  Our beloved “guy on a bike” is a trained Sidewalk Advocate who goes to the sidewalk at least twice a week for a few hours all year long – riding his bike several miles rather than driving a car.  He proudly displays our sign “Ask me about free pregnancy tests & sonograms” on his bike while riding.

So, occasionally he gets asked!  Sure enough, this young mom saw him riding his bike in the community just last week, asked him, and he gave her information to the nearest center, assuring her of our prayers. This is just one of numerous examples of a faithful person living out our mission to end abortion peacefully and prayerfully through fasting, prayer on the sidewalks, education & outreach in our community.  He was the bridge to a life-affirming resource for that mom that day.  God only knows the ripple effect this will have.