From Mica: As I was walking down to the sidewalk, I had a strong urge to pray to St. Michael and St. Joseph for protection (something I really should do more). I asked that St. Joseph would ask the Lord to scare away all evil spirits who’d wish to do us harm, and that he’d protect the men and women who were walking into the facility from the lies of the evil one. I asked that he’d intercede especially for all fathers (as he is Jesus’ foster father) and help them to have courage and stand up for their unborn babies.

Once I got to the sidewalk, I saw a young couple standing on the porch next to the doors of the abortion facility. I waved them over and held up my brochures. The young man, to my surprise, walked down the stairs and came to talk to me. He told me that his girlfriend was there for an abortion. He told me that their families told them they would not be able to provide any support for the child, and that he and his girlfriend were really young (he was 20 and she was 19).

He said their families told them that this decision would impact them for their entire lives (I am not sure if they were referring to having a child or getting an abortion). I told him that there was a lot of support in the community. I explained how the pregnancy resource centers could help them and how I knew of many people who’d be willing to assist them. I also explained how the chemical abortion is traumatic for women and what the abortion process entailed. He told me he was going to go talk to his girlfriend.

Once he got to the top of the porch she immediately went inside the facility. He came back down the stairs and told me he did not get to talk to her because they called her back into the facility. I told him that sometimes the employees did that because they did not like when clients spoke to us since we were referring them to alternative resources. It has also happened that when clients are talking to us for a while, they will receive a text from the abortion facility telling them to go inside and check in. He said that he was really surprised to hear that but it did seem weird that they had been waiting outside for a long time and only got called in after he was speaking to me. We spoke for a little longer and he told me that they kind of wanted to keep the baby but felt like they were too young. I tried to encourage him.  I also told him about the abortion pill reversal, just in case his girlfriend took the chemical abortion pills.

A car pulled into the parking lot and he said that it was the father and sister of his girlfriend. He told me he was going to try to talk to them and he’d come back to talk to me afterwards. I asked what his name was and he said, “Joseph.” I felt a chill run down my spine! I had one holy card of St. Joseph with his novena prayer on the back. I have started to give St. Joseph holy cards to men I meet at the facility when I feel called to. I have only given the holy cards out twice, both to men named Joseph. I gave him the holy card and explained that St. Joseph is the patron of fathers and he could say a prayer asking St. Joseph for help. He seemed to get choked up. I thought I could see tears forming in his eyes. He kept the holy card and went to sit in the car.

I never got to speak to him again. His girlfriend walked out of the facility about 20 minutes later with a small manila envelope. She went straight to the car and ignored me. The car was parked there for another 15-20 minutes. It was strange because usually people leave right away. When the car finally left, I could see the driver (the father of the young girl) laughing with the passenger, who must’ve been the sister. I tried waving at the car but they did not stop. I saw the sister taking pictures or a video of me while they were stopped in the driveway.

Anita and I prayed for the family’s conversion and I prayed the St. Joseph Novena prayer many times for Joseph and his girlfriend.