Sidewalk Advocates Marty, Mary Pat, and Kathleen were reaching out to people on the sidewalk this past Thursday when a woman from the neighborhood approached them wanting to know what they were doing.  Once they confirmed there is an abortion facility she began to share that she sees women regularly who have had abortions and seek her help.

She claimed she is a third generation psychic.  She explained that she has been in contact with miscarried and aborted babies, and that they were miscarried or aborted “because they are destined to be.”  In fact, when women express regret or remorse from having an abortion, she tells them that “the baby wanted to be aborted,” that they decide they don’t want to live right now but could decide to come back (reincarnate) at another time, and that makes the mother feel positive about her decision. Needless to say the SWAs did their best to explain that there are countless hurting women and families in need of healing, and that we simply want to offer referrals to resources for them.

It was a calm and respectful conversation.  Let’s PRAY!