Mica and Michelle were praying in the evening outside an abortion facility.  Mica reports:

Around 6 PM I saw a young girl and man trying to go into the abortion facility. It was closed by that time, so I called them over to me. The girl told me that she thought she might be pregnant, and she had taken two pregnancy tests, one that was negative and one positive. She said if she was pregnant, she wanted to schedule an appointment for an abortion due financial reasons and relationship reasons. She said that she also had experienced some spotting and just wanted to get everything checked. She had never had an abortion before.  The man that drove her was her co-worker.  She told me her boyfriend was arrested a couple months prior for assaulting her. He was not an American citizen so it is possible that he would be deported. I spoke to her about how women often regret their abortions. She seemed to agree as she shared a supporting example of it: her friend had two abortions and due to scarring could no longer have children. I spoke to her about the pregnancy centers and asked if she would be willing to go to one in the morning.  She asked if I could go to the center as well.

The next morning I met her at the center.  We talked for a while and she revealed to me some of the difficult situations she’s faced, including violence against her and her two other children.  Having two children made her more anxious about the possibility of being pregnant. She works as a door-to-door salesperson and has been so depressed so she has not been working as much. The nurses  at the pregnancy center did a blood pregnancy test and she is NOT pregnant. She is still experiencing some ‘off’ things with her cycle so she intends to get it checked out by an OBGYN (and now has our referral list for help).  Before leaving she told me that she believed God put me in her life for a reason and hoped we could still be friends.