Two of our amazing Sidewalk Advocates, Jose and Gina, spoke with two friends who came together to the abortion facility for pregnancy services.  Neither of them wanted to have an abortion (one was already well into her second trimester).  The other was early in her first trimester and had no intention of aborting, but said the abortion facility was adamant about scheduling her for an abortion appointment in addition to her sonogram appointment.  (In our experience, the abortion facilities almost never allow women to make a sonogram appointment unless they also make an abortion appointment).  The woman went inside to cancel her sonogram appointment, and came back out telling the Sidewalk Advocates that the abortion workers were making it very difficult for her to cancel.  The two women were so grateful to hear about the life-affirming free and reduced-cost alternatives, took information and said they would go straight to one of the pregnancy centers.  Two turn-aways!