Sheila reports that the abortion facility was very very busy. She handed out probably 5 brochures to vehicles. One man sitting in his car in the lot came over and spoke to Sheila. She reminded him that there was a baby in her womb and that whenever a woman has the support of a man, she is more likely to choose life. He started tearing up but didn’t say much and went back to his car and sat there for a while.

Two young college aged girls walked over and began filming Sheila. One girl, who was the client, was very angry, and her friend was laughing at Sheila. They were lashing out saying, “do you care about Black Lives Matter?”  [This is incredibly ironic, considering that black babies are disproportionately aborted and in some cities are more likely to be aborted than born!]. SheilaI responded that she of course cared about black lives and had even had the joy of fostering children, including black babies.

They then moved their position to adoption and implied that Sheila really didn’t care since she didn’t adopt them.  [A typical abortion advocate is always moving the goal post to avoid actually facing what abortion is]. They asked, “why are you harassing women?? Why are you screaming us?” Sheila, who is actually very soft spoken and kind, responded rhetorically,  “Was I screaming at you?”  They admitted she actually wasn’t.  [Funny how offering help of free and reduced cost services in the area is “harassment” when they don’t agree with you].

Sheila had a 30 minute conversation with the sister of the client while the client was inside the abortion facility.  The sister of the client was very combative initially and told her “you shouldn’t be here” and that she wasn’t really doing anything to help. Sheila informed her that in Austin we have about 300 babies saved from abortion and people who’ve stopped by to say that their baby is alive today because of our witness!  So the sister replied, “well maybe you just shouldn’t call out to people.” Sheila and the sister talked about the little niece/nephew in her sister’s womb. Sheila explained that a fence is not alive, but the baby is alive and a human being. “We don’t judge people’s worth based on size, looks, race, etc.” Sheila commented.  They also discussed historical instances of injustice toward other humans – i.e. slavery, holocaust.  In end the sister admitted she really respected what Sheila was doing and accepted a pamphlet with information.