Mica reported: A big truck pulled out of the Brake Check parking lot and a man rolled down his window. He said to me, “Haven’t y’all already won?” to which I replied, “We haven’t won until Planned Parenthood is closed forever.” I explained to him that women are still able to receive abortions.

He told me that he thought the new Texas Bill (SB8) was restrictive and that 6 weeks was too early to limit abortions. Interesting enough, he did not seem to know why 6 weeks was chosen for the bill. I asked when he thought life began or when abortions should be restricted, if at all. He responded, “when the heartbeat is present.” I asked if he knew when that happened. He did not know. I explained that the heartbeat begins around 3 weeks but is detected by machines at 6 weeks. I proceeded to show him the fetal development pamphlet I had in my hands. His facial expression changed into a somber look as he read over the pamphlet. He asked if he could keep it.

We continued to have a very fruitful conversation. I explained that we had to be a voice for the thousands of babies being killed each year by abortion. The conversation ended with him saying, “Thank you for schooling me today!”

Jesus, please convert hearts and minds!