A person drove into the driveway flipping off a volunteer holding a sign that says “We are here to love you both.”  Then the car turned around and the driver rolled her window down to ask why we are against women’s exams in an accusatory tone. The Sidewalk Advocate shared with her we definitely are not against women’s exams, and then went onto explain the situation with this particular abortion facility.  She looked dumbfounded, scoffed and drove off.  So in case it isn’t clear, we are very much FOR women getting women’s exams, as that is true healthcare!

What we are against is a facility claiming to be pro-woman offering an “unsanitary environment,” “failure to sterilize instruments” (yes, instruments going from inside one woman’s body to the next without basic proper sterilization which no medical clinic could get away with as much as the abortion industry does), see www.CheckMyClinic.org and search “Austin” or your city.

And finally we are against dismemberment/poisoning of any human beings, including the smallest and most vulnerable, and pitting women against their own children. Our empowerment is not bought by the blood of our children, just the opposite.

We are FOR empowering women, offering them free and reduced cost services in the area should they need it, walking with families, and working toward better, true healthcare and uplifting people to encourage them to be who God calls us all to be. Local resources can be found at www.PregnancyCentralTexas.com