From Barbara and Mica:

Two teenagers who had been sitting in their car for a while got out and came over to talk with us.  They revealed that she is pregnant and they both really want to keep the baby. However, the girlfriend said she’s feeling uneasy because of the pressure from her parents and her grandmother to abort the baby.  We talked about their options and she was very interested in learning about fetal development.  I showed her images and explained how the majority of growth and development happens in the first 12 weeks.

Just then, the girl’s grandmother, who had been inside the abortion facility, walked out and very defensively told us not to talk with her.  The girl chastised her grandmother and told her she wanted the information we had.  So we continued to talk, and I let her know that she could get a free sonogram right away at a nearby pregnancy center.  The grandmother turned it down as she said they had already paid $300 for one in the abortion facility!  Thankfully the girl was able to convince her grandmother to go back inside and get their money back so that they could go to the pregnancy center.  We called the center to confirm and the couple and the grandmother left and went to receive the sonogram!  Please pray that the girl’s family accepts the help that is available and accepts this precious child as a gift from God!

*Note: it is ILLEGAL for anyone to force someone to get an abortion, even if the girl is a minor.  Roe vs Wade says abortion is legal for all nine months of pregnancy for any reason (with states having their own restrictions) and also gives the pregnant woman/girl the right to have her child.