Our dedicated Sidewalk Advocate and Day Captain, Marty, reported:

A car drove by and shouted something, but all we could hear was “education.”  About a half hour later, a lady parked nearby and approached us.  As she walked toward us, I knew she looked familiar, but could not immediately place her.  She said her name and “You may remember we talked earlier.”  I soon remembered her.

I met “J” about four months ago.  She told us she is a third-generation psychic medium, who has” talked to many aborted and miscarried babies.” (See our blog post here here).  Then, and now, she always spoke of aborted babies together, as a single group.  She said, “Did you hear me as I drove by and yelled, ‘Sex education?’  I was on my way somewhere then, but I wanted to stop and talk to you now.” She stressed the need to push birth control in schools.  I told her that we found that increase in birth control actually results in more abortions, not fewer (over half of women getting abortions were on some form of birth control, link here).

I stressed the need for what we do, educating women on alternatives to abortion, and that they won’t get that at the abortion facility.  I mentioned how Planned Parenthood is pushing sex education that promotes promiscuity, knowing that it will bring them more business.  I said that whether we’re talking sex education or abortion-related education, it needs to present all views on the subject, or it’s not education; it’s propaganda.  She seemed to agree.  I told her that many women end up regretting their abortion, and she said, surprisingly, “All of them do.  They may be holding it inside, but all of them do.”

She told us about a friend who was involved with a married man.  When she got pregnant, the friend did not want to have an abortion.  The father told her that he would support his child financially, but would not be there as a father figure.  She said her friend had a real hard time because of that.  I told her that the baby’s father was more generous than most.  Many men want nothing to do with the baby, are not willing to offer any support, and even threaten to walk away if she does not have an abortion.  I added that men will even use abortion to cover up rape and incest.  She said that men certainly need to step up as a father and take more responsibility for their actions.  We can agree on that.

I took away a few things from both conversations.  First of all, “J” has clearly thought about these subjects more than most people, and as a result has come to many conclusions where we can reach common ground and agree . . . and some where we can’t.  In spite of believing that all women regret their abortion, she still seemed to be okay with allowing it because “abortion is not final, but the babies only retreat into the astral plane to return when they are ready.”  But the biggest takeaway is the extent to which women regret their abortions.

They are willing to seek any means, including consulting a medium to connect them with their babies, in order to ease the pain and guilt.  It also got me thinking about the high suicide rate among women who have had abortions.  The conventional thinking is that these women are so depressed that they think, “If my baby didn’t deserve to live, neither do I.”  But I’ve heard about some women who hope to be reconnected with their aborted children when they die.  I wonder how many suicides are an attempt to speed up that process.  Food for thought.